Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my DJ?

The one and only DJ Terry D. You hire me and I'm the one who shows up at your event.

Should we include you in our count for lunch/dinner?

Although it is not required, a meal would be greatly appreciated.

Do you take breaks?

No, you will have continuous music from start to finish.

What time will you arrive on the day of the event?

Approximately one hour before the scheduled starting time.

If my party runs later, can you stay longer?

I will not end an event prematurely but it is strongly recommended to allow enough time during the contract signing.

Do you charge for travel?

There is no travel charge for local events. There is a minimal charge for non-local events exceeding a 20 mile radius of Chattanooga, TN.

Can I meet the DJ who will be entertaining before making my decision?

Yes, by appointment. At your desired location.

Do you have a song list available?

I will play music from all genres. Here is a sample. Billboard's Top 100.

If I want a song played that you do not have, can I loan you my copy?

Yes. I will play whatever you want me to play, as long as there is no profanity.

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